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If you are new to the community and have not contacted management at (925)808-5288, please do so today. We would like to personally welcome you and make sure that you receive a copy of our Resident’s Handbook (available in the Rules & Regulations section below). This handbook should have been included in the document package you received in escrow or provided to you by your landlord. It contains vital information regarding the rules and regulations of our community.

Helpful hints for new residents:

  • All parking on site is PRIVATE PARKING ONLY. Please ask guests to park on the street. All exterior parking spaces are marked PRIVATE, which means you must have the permission of the owner to use it. Unauthorized vehicles parked in PRIVATE spaces are subject to tow without notice. If you are interested in leasing one of them, contact the office for the lease application form or download the policy and the 2019 lease application form here. All available parking spaces are currently leased. Contact management for the lease renewal form or download it here. The lottery was held on June 19, 2019. There were 14 applicants and 14 parking spaces. Applicants are being contacted.

  • Owners are REQUIRED to notify the office within 10 days of a change in tenancy in their unit by completing and returning the Tenancy Information form.

  • Please break down cardboard boxes and put them to the side of the dumpsters.

  • Make sure that all your new window treatments are white or neutral on the outside.

  • Please do NOT place charcoal grills on balconies. Gas grills that use the 5 gal. LP canisters are also prohibited by 2008 fire regulations. Camp style grills that use a 1-lb gas canister are permitted.

  • Comstock HOA prohibits smoking on balconies, in laundry rooms, foyers and within 20' of all buildings, windows and vents.

  • We contract for random towing so vehicles left parked in the driveways and fire lanes may be at risk for tow. Do not leave vehicles untended in the driveways.

MANAGEMENT AND BOARD MEETINGS If you have questions about the rules, our community, or wish to lodge a complaint, please contact management at 925-808-5288, or via email at Complaints must be submitted in writing. The mailing address is 2010-A Harbison Drive, #415, Vacaville, CA 95687. The Board of Directors meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at the Concord Senior Center, 2727 Parkside Circle, Concord, CA. The Board Meeting Agenda is posted in the CHOA Member - Policies and Notices section of the website as are the most current board meeting minutes. Homeowners are encouraged to attend these meeetings.

As of January 1, 2019, management is provided by Denise Castaneda, with All Community Management. Residents (owners and tenants alike) should report problems to her at 925-808-5288(accepts text messages) during business hours and 855-689-1800 for emergencies. Please do your part to help keep our community values up!

MONTHLY ASSESSMENTS Note that monthly assessments will increase January 1, 2019. 2 bedroom condo's will increase from $320 to $334 per month, 3 bedroom condo's will increase from $384 to $401 per month. If you have questions about your homeowner's dues, please contact our account manager at Condo Financial Management (CFM). You can reach Wendy at 925-566-6803. Statements arrive around the 25th of each month and will include your copy of our monthly newsletter. This newsletter is also mailed seperately to all tenants each month.

You can also view your account, change your mailing address and/or pay your assessment through CFM’s website. Choose the Homeowners option on the left menu for more information on completing the forms for a one time or reoccuring payment. If you would like to have your assessments automatically withdrawn from your bank account, please download, complete and mail the Union Bank ACH form. NOTE: The mailing address for monthly assessments is Comstock Condominiums HOA, c/o Union Bank, PO Box 45413, San Francisco, CA 94145.

CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE If you have been received a request from your lender or mortgage holder for annual proof of HOA insurance, you can obtain one at no charge by logging onto EOI Direct. Register as a First Time User, log into your account and click on “Evidence of Insurance”. You will have to fax a copy of the request letter to EOI Direct and they will fax or email the insurance certification to you or your bank.

RULES AND REGULATIONS Please review our rules for the community. You can print a copy of this Resident's Handbook and keep it handy. While we enforce rules rigorously, we try to always be fair and equitable. Knowing the rules will help avoid problems.

ALTERATION AGREEMENTS Please review the section on architectural integrity before you make any changes that would be visible to your neighbors. This includes things like windows, doors, light fixtures, etc. You may print a copy of our architectural alteration form here to request approval for anything visible outside. When complete, please email to Denise at

WINDOW REPLACEMENT There are 3 recommended brands of windows included in our specifications however residents may choose any brand that complies with our narrow frame/slimline beige colored specfications. If you are considering window replacement, please review our window specifications before you contract for any windows. Included are suggested service providers and window requirements. Make sure you do NOT order or install your windows before receiving your approved alteration form.

There can be penalties imposed for failure to comply with this alteration request process so we strongly urge you NOT to begin alterations until you have received the approved form from the association. This includes everything from satellite dishes to light fixture. Contact the office for regulations governing satellite dishes PRIOR to contacting anyone to install a satellite dish.

MAINTENANCE AND UPKEEP The Board of Directors and management work hard to keep our association in top condition.

In the last several years we have replaced old sewer lines, renovated the odd side pool, replaced the messy plum trees along the street, modified existing wrought iron balcony railings, and revised our governing documents. We also replaced the old hot water recirculating lines on all buildings and have added replacement of copper plumbing to our reserve study.

In 2014 replaced the old wooden garage doors, all common area light fixtures with energy efficient LED lights and repainted foyer floors. In 2015 we replaced the wood end unit entry decks and recoated the balcony floors. In 2015-2016 we tent and fumigated all 13 buildings for dry wood termites. The property is now under warranty for both dry wood and subterranean termites. It is imperative that residents monitor their homes and report potential infestations to the office for investigation and follow up.

In 2017 we started replacement of the wood shingle mansard shakes, an $80,000 project that continues into 2018. Also this year, we completed $50,000 in repairs to balconies and siding and resealed/striped the 2039-2045 parking lot. Replacement of all flat roofs will take place in 2019-2020.

You are moving into a community that truly cares about our property and it shows. We are proud that we have been able to fund all of this work within our existing operating budget and reserve funding plan without the need for a special assessment.

Information regarding Special Assessments and monthly dues is provided on the Realtor page.

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