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No part of the Common Area or the exterior portions of any building structure may be altered in any fashion without prior written approval of the Board through the application process for alteration agreement.  This includes, but is not limited to, installation of solar energy systems, burglar alarms, electric garage door openers, screen doors, and the addition of internal laundry rooms or spas. Contact the manager to obtain a copy of the Alteration Agreement.

· PATIOS, BALCONIES Nothing other than planters, patio furniture, bikes or barbecues can be placed on patios or balconies without the prior written approval of the Board. Planters in excess of 20 lbs may not be placed on the outside edges of front balconies since these balconies are cantilevered. The interiors of all patios and balconies must be kept clean and free of debris.

· BACK YARDS Nothing shall be constructed or located inside the fence line of exclusive use back yard areas that is affixed to the building and/or extends above the fence line without the prior written approval of the Board. Free standing sheds are prohibited unless they are below the top of the fence line. All yards shall be weeded as necessary at the beginning of summer to eliminate fire hazards. Residents may install decks (on piers and not attached to the building), pavers, and landscape materials without Board approval. Owners are responsible for pruning trees and shrubs planted in these back yard areas.

· SIGNS Other than customary and reasonable signs advertising any Condominium for sale or rent, no sign of any kind (including political) shall be displayed to the public view on or from any Unit or Common Area without the prior written consent of the Board.

· WINDOW COVERINGS AND SCREENS Association Rules require maintenance of a uniform color of window covering and appearance of the exterior view of windows and screens in the Complex.  All drapes, curtains, window coverings, shutters, or blinds visible from the street or Common Area shall be beige, white or off-white in color or lined in beige, white or off-white.

- Solar window coverings will be permitted only if such covering is a non-reflective, 70% gray color.

- Nothing may be attached or hung from any part of an exterior Common Area building or structure without prior written approval of Board (i.e., exterior sun shades or awnings are not allowed unless approved through the alteration agreement process).

  • Screens are required on all windows. Maintenance of screens and screen doors are the responsibility of the owner.

Installation of interior screen doors (inside foyers) requires written neighbor approval. No special “sun” screens may be installed without prior permission from the board.

· WINDOW REPLACEMENT Due to the fact that we have stacked windows with a lower picture (with a grid), and we require a narrow frame, we have found and approved a new vinyl replacement window for Comstock.

The only authorized replacement window is built by ANLIN (Catalina series - narrow frame) in Almond (except for the small bedroom window which must be Anlin Coronado). Note: The Egress Catalina window is not an acceptable subsitute for the Anlin Coronado because the windows are not evenly divided and it has a full screen instead of a half screen. Two suppliers who have already inspected our buildings and provided the association with significantly discounted prices include: West Coast Windows – (925) 681-1776 and Aames Windows – (925) 671-7995

You are NOT restricted to these two dealers however. If you find another authorized dealer for Anlin (there are several), you are free to work with them. The requirement is solely for the Anlin Catalina series windows. Any factory authorized dealer may install them.

Remember, you must have completed an architectural request form AND received it back as approved before contracting for your windows. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the windows installed meet our specifications.

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